Why is the recruiting process so intensive?

We want to ensure that you as well as we are sure of our choice to go on this journey together. We invest a lot in our trainees and look for high potentials who aim for a long-term and thriving career in our Group.

Why is there a 2-month gap between the decision and the program start?

The program is individualized to each person. We carefully select the mentor, the buddy and the stores. All our mentors and buddies have voluntarily stepped up to accompany our new trainees in our program with guidance and expertise.

How can I prepare myself for the trainee program?

Of course, inform yourself about our company e.g. read our sustainability report. But most importantly: take everything step by step. Due to our challenging program you will have a steep learning curve. Take notes along the way, listen attentively, and enjoy yourself!

What do you expect from a trainee?

To successfully complete the program, we except flexibility, initiative, curiosity, and self-reflection. We expect our trainees to be reliable regarding deadlines and attending meetings, while adhering to the program guidelines. We are looking for ambitious team players who build their own network. And most importantly that our trainees take ownership of one`s one development seeking feedback and communicating openly.

What challenges do trainees have?

During the store time definitely getting up so early and the physical challenge. Also, having different contact persons in the phases and having to prove oneself. In time abroad it is definitely challenging being in a country where you don’t speak the local language e.g. simple things such as reading the lunch menu. For some it is also tough to decide on the position after completion. And last, choosing projects and rotations because they all sound so good!

How are projects selected?

We collect projects according to your stated preferences with defined cornerstones what the projects shall entail. The projects are presented to the trainees and they can choose between several options. So far, we have always managed to stay within the first three preferences, but mind that we are dependent on the available projects in this time frame.

What are project examples?

Area 1: Re-positioning project of trading company, Integration of two programs into one unique loyalty program, Analysis candidate journey, Strategy and goals for green products, Store Communication Manual, Assortment Project – Sub-streams Modularization and Space Allocation, Coordination of sustainability topics within strategic BU, Introduction of the advertising material production system, Development of an Umbrella Strategy for an entire SBU Area 2: Creation of a monthly KPI report for entire SBU, Evaluation of more efficient orders picking methods in warehouse, In-store replenishment process optimization and standardization, Reducing emissions to reach climate goal, Model of delivery restrictions in the analytics software, Redefining Pricing & Promo policy, Optimization Supply Chain Process, Split of Investments of remodeling of stores, Liquidity Planning.

How is the company supporting the times abroad?

We provide financial support through a benefits package for your time abroad which covers fixed expenses that include housing, travel, and public transportation. Along with that, you will receive a settling-in bonus at the start of your international assignment and a home leave allowance to maintain connections.

How freely can I choose the two departments in the rotation phase?

Here it is just dependent on the department e.g. if they have a higher workload at the moment you may get a friendly no for a specific time. But so far, in most cases, trainees have been successful in being assigned their top two preferences.

What is a typical day in the program?

There really is no typical day. We want to keep the learning curve very steep at all times.

What positions have trainees taken on after the program?

Example roles include e.g. Category Manager, Sustainability Manager, Controller, Process Manager & Supply Chain Manager. Active involvement and openness in shaping the whole process with support from us and as a consequence finding a fitting position after the program at REWE International is key here.

What is the goal of the trainee program?

The International Management Trainee Program is based on the principle of getting to know the retail business from scratch and gaining a broad perspective and impression of the Group. By going through the different phases and fields of activity, in this program the trainee receives a generalist training while getting to know the Group with its national and international organizational units and company structures as a whole.

What is the standing of an International Management Trainee in your company?

Our trainees are fully integrated in our company and enjoy a high reputation and demand.

How high is the retention rate for trainees?

In almost all cases, trainees stay with the company after completion.

How many of the trainees are still in your company?

Since start of the trainee program in 2001 over 1/3 of our graduates are still in our company, which we are very proud of.

Is there a medium-term goal for graduates after the program?

Our goal is to lay the foundation within the program so graduates can develop within 3 years after completion to a leadership role which 2/3 of our graduates achieved – also a fact which we are very proud of.

Does REWE International have a specific company culture?

As diverse as our brands is the company culture. A unifying factor is that retail is a very down to earth industry. Employees from all hierarchy levels are open when approached. However, given the size of our company, decision-making can sometimes take more time.