About us


Actually, we already know each other pretty well, and possibly even see each other on a regular basis time and again. Please allow us to introduce ourselves nevertheless. We’re the place quickly pop into after a day’s work or spend a bit more time on a leisurely Saturday. We’re the ones who provide you with the daily essentials. We’re the REWE Group in Austria. And there are a lot of us – over 46,500 to be precise. Internationally, that figure rises to almost 95,000. But you probably know us better by our retail companies’ names: BILLA, PENNY, BIPA or ADEG. Of course we are all different, but at our core we belong together – especially when it comes to offering an attractive range of high-quality products. We have even developed our own brand to get exactly the level of quality we find best. You’re bound to know them too. They go by the names Ja! Natürlich, Clever, Wunderlinge, bi good and Wegenstein, among others. Every single one of our employees makes an important contribution every day to ensuring that the quality we care so much about is always available. Doing everything they can so you, the consumer, get what the quality service you deserve. To us, that’s the only thing we know. We also believe that, as one of the leading companies in the Austrian food retail sector, we have a huge responsibility. After all, we sell the very thing that keeps us all alive – food – and the things we need for our daily well-being. That’s why it goes without saying for us that we have made food and everyday consumer items the focal point of our work. With so much growing dedication to our cause, it is only logical that we are constantly on the lookout for new competent talent. Perhaps you are one of them? We unite around 400 different job titles under the umbrella of the REWE Group in Austria – at the head office locations in Wiener Neudorf and Vienna or at stores throughout Austria. The head office in Wiener Neudorf not only manages business in Austria, but also the REWE Group’s international business, i.e. international retail. We maintain a presence in Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic with the food retailer BILLA, in Italy, Romania, the Czech Republic and Hungary with the discount retailer PENNY, in Lithuania with the supermarket chain IKI and in Croatia with the drugstore retailer BIPA. Find out more about international job opportunities at the REWE Group here. As a large corporate group, we create countless opportunities without losing sight of what our employees and customers want, need and expect.

Our mission statement

Denken wie der Kunde. Handeln für den Kunden.

We pursue a clear mission:

To improve the lives of our customers. Based on the three pillars of “Customer focus”, “Commercial integrity” and “Cohesion and community”, we deliver top performance for them every day, which forms the cornerstone of our basic values.

Our corporate group’s basic values:

  • We act independently in the interests of the community!
  • We act for the customer – we are at the heart of the market!
  • We have the courage to innovate, standing still is moving backwards!
  • We treat each other openly with trust and respect. Our word is our bond!
  • We strive for the best solution, make well-considered decisions and act consistently!
  • We are aware of our responsibility and act with sustainability in mind!

This is what we as the REWE Group stand for and what our employees also identify with. Welcome to our world!

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